Do you have a large family? If so, consider upgrading to a full-size SUV with third-row seating. SUVs with third-row seats are popular among families, as they offer tons of space for cargo and passengers. Read on to discover some of the best third-row SUVs for families.

Mazda CX-9


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The new Mazda CX-9 midsize crossover has a reasonable price tag, considering that its interior materials are similar to what you would find in a luxury three-row SUV. In terms of its performance, it offers a fun and sporty drive quality and a sculptured and sleek interior that proves SUVs don't have to be boxy or chunky.

Inside the cabin, there's an easy-to-read 10.3-inch display, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth streaming. Regarding the seats, the first and second rows are comfortable, but the third row is more suitable for children than adults. If you always travel with lots of cargo in addition to passengers, you may want more space when all seven seats are occupied. Higher-price trims come with captain's chairs in the second row, which certainly makes for more comfortable travel, but it reduces the maximum headcount to six.

Kia Telluride

The Kia Telluride dominated the three-row SUV market in 2020, offering a hard-to-beat combination of luxury and style and a price lower than many of its competitors. After two years, it's still in its first generation and has undergone minor upgrades since its debut.

The current year's most noticeable changes are the new futuristic Kia logo and the slightly redesigned radiator grille. The Telluride's third-row legroom measures about 31.5 inches, short of the 33.7 inches that the best-in-class Atlas offers. Its cargo room is around 21 cubic feet behind the third row, approximately 47.5 cubic feet with it folded, and a maximum of 84 cubic feet when you fold both rows flat.

Telluride's top trims have premium features and all the tech goodies. Still, its most affordable SUV is a solid value and a great family vehicle regardless of its configuration. The interior is spacious and comfortable, and its modern, muscular style makes a compelling case for young families not interested in the shrinking minivan segment. Also, value is a big draw here, as the top trim level Prestige X-Pro costs under $54,000 while still being well equipped. In addition, Kia's 100,000-mile or 10-year powertrain warranty is a reassuring bonus.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Mechanically speaking, the new Mitsubishi Outlander is closely related to the Nissan Rogue. However, there's one big difference. While the Rogue only comes with a five-seat configuration, the Outlander comes standard with a third row, which brings its passenger-hauling capacity up to seven. The Outlander's third row isn't huge, but it would certainly come in handy in a pinch.

Aside from that added practicality, the Outlander is just as excellent a family crossover as its Nissan Rogue cousin. With a 2.5-liter inline-four engine and a continuously variable transmission, with either all- or front-wheel drive, the Outlander gives efficient operation and adequate performance. Furthermore, there are lots of storage bins and cubbies inside the quality-feeling interior that'll keep all your passengers happy and comfortable.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee has been a popular family hauler with real off-road chops for several years, and its admirers have requested a three-row version for almost as long. For the current year, Jeep has finally granted those wishes with a new seven-passenger "L" model. The addition of third-row seats coincided with the move to the all-new fifth generation of the Grand Cherokee, which offers a compelling combination of luxury, space, and off-road capability.

Adding third-row seating is valuable and welcome, and it is consistent with the Grand Cherokee's style and off-road talent. Its legroom (30.3 inches at the rear, 39.4 inches in the middle, and 41.3 inches up front) and cargo room (17.2 cubic feet to the third row, 46.9 cubic feet to the second row, and 84.6 cubic feet with both rear rows folded) are more generous than the previous version. Still, it's firmly mid-pack in the latest crop of competitors from Hyundai, Kia, and others.

However, only some competitors offer the dirt trail talent of the Jeep, especially at the higher-level trims. Those can be expensive, though, and the more satisfying V-8 engine consumes a lot of fuel.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The new Toyota Highlander Hybrid is perfect for you if you're looking for a fuel-efficient three-row SUV. It can travel more than 600 miles on a full tank of gas, which shares power duties between its electric motor and four-cylinder gasoline engine. That engine, however, is a bit noisy and could use more torque. Regarding its interior dimensions, the Highlander Hybrid can seat up to eight passengers, depending on the configuration, while still offering a respectable amount of cargo space. It's third-row seating, however, is tight.

Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is a large, practical SUV that feels comfortable and spacious for both the driver and passengers. As opposed to the exterior's fierce, turbine-like aesthetic, the interior is comfy and quiet. It's available in a seven- or an eight-seater version, and you can choose to have a pass-through gap, a center console, or a bench in the second row.

The second row will surely delight both adults and kids. When your kids are buckled up in their car seats and boosters, they should stay happy and quiet with the built-in infotainment systems. The available panoramic roof can also provide another delightfully distracting, immersive experience for them. Adult passengers will be just as happy when they occupy the second row, thanks to the massage seats, a new feature for the 2022 model. The front-row passenger seat and the driver's seat also come with massagers.

So, there you have it. Apple - Your Auto Source shared some best SUVs with third-row seating. How did you like our list? Did we miss a favorite third-row SUV of yours — one that's popular among families? If we did, please let us know. Drop us a line, and we'll be sure to add it to our list. Check out our vast inventory if you're looking for a new or used SUV with third-row seating. You may also visit our dealership at 2249 Bannister St., York, Pennsylvania.

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