5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car or Truck

If you're looking to buy a car or truck, the good news is that the industry is evolving rapidly. This leads to more impressive advancements every year, but also higher prices to match. Perhaps compared to how long you plan to own the vehicle, a used model would work better than a new one. Whether you're a first-time car buyer or a seasoned veteran in need of an upgrade, used automobiles often make more sense. Here are five reasons you should buy a used car or truck.

1. Save Money With Lower Depreciation
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It's critical to understand that automobiles depreciate. When you buy a new car, it loses value by no longer being a fresh, unowned product. From there, the value drops further as it ages because no vehicle lasts forever without eventually needing service or part replacements.

Depreciation in the first year might be viewed as a price to pay for the thrill of owning a brand-new automobile, but is it really worth it? According to current depreciation rates, a new car might lose more than 20% of its value in the first year of ownership. For example, a $40,000 brand-new car could be worth $32,000 or less after a year, depending on usage. After the first year, depreciation slows to a more manageable 10% each year.

It's nice to buy something and know it maintains a value closer to the price you paid, for longer. It also reduces the risk of having to sell a car for less than how much you owe on it. A slightly used car is a more appealing alternative to a new car because someone else has already paid for it at the highest price. Take a look at the right used cars, find one that's virtually new, and you can't lose.

2. Shorter and Cheaper Registration

Few people enjoy paying registration fees, but it's part of the process. Registration charges for a used vehicle are lower because the fee is always based on a percentage of the car's price. For example, York County in Pennsylvania has a sales tax of 6%, like most of the state.

Registration costs not just money, but time. Not sure where to begin? Stick to buying used cars from a dealership like Your Auto Source in York. We offer all the essential documentation for buying and registering a used car, making the paperwork phase go much more smoothly. 

3. Used Cars Have More Variety

If you enjoy taking time and finding an exceptional deal, a used car is the better choice. Used cars are by far the larger market since only so many new cars are sold the same year they were made. That means drivers have a better chance of finding exactly what they want at a lower cost.

For instance, when shopping for a truck, many drivers have specific performance specs and features that might appear only on certain models, like a power-lowering tailgate. In the new vehicle market, there might be only a few choices that fit, and drivers are limited to how those new vehicles' trim levels and package options are established. In the used truck market, however, you can broaden your options by looking at other years that might've had a more appealing list of features.

With greater supply comes more competitive pricing. You'll see this in searchable categories on our own site, like used cars under $10,000. A trustworthy used car dealer often has specials that take the savings to a whole new level. What's more, the rising standards in used cars over the years mean you don't sacrifice condition or reliability.

4. You May Not Need the Newest Features

Dealers frequently tack on extra costs to a new automobile purchase, such as protective film or an anti-rust coating. Although you may not require these features, dealers frequently include them as part of the new vehicle purchase package. These add-ons can also be purchased through an after-market installer for a significantly reduced price. Others might be totally irrelevant to you, such as "advertising fees" that are meant to pay back for the cost of the dealer running commercials.

You can also save money by forgoing vehicles with the newest standard features. A new model might have a slightly larger infotainment screen or include an interesting seat comfort feature, but consider the difference in price first. Practical drivers should assess what they need to enjoy their drive or complete daily work. Often, used vehicles from just one or two years behind the current one offer virtually the same day-to-day experience.

5. Cars Last Longer and Have More Documentation

Purchasing a used car or truck is safer than ever. Across the board, vehicles are lasting longer than they used to, and the emergence of CARFAX and other vehicle history services have made it easier to spot red flags. Keep in mind that before you buy any used vehicle, you should have proof it was inspected recently and get the full report on its condition. The emergence of certified pre-owned programs means that in terms of detailing, condition, mileage, and more, drivers can look at vehicles with only the highest standards.

Thanks to thorough service and maintenance packages and improvements in car warranties, you can expect a good-condition car or truck to last quite a long time. It isn't as if 200,000 miles is the new 100,000, but each of the major automakers has made significant strides. Add to these factors the reality of a global world with more and more people working remotely, and recently purchased vehicles going into the used market will probably have lower mileage amounts over the coming years.

With these benefits, there's little practical difference between a slightly used car or truck and a new one. The next time you see a sparkling new car or truck, note what you like about it and make those your shopping requirements for a used model, instead. With the right dealer, you'll find what you need and can get your questions answered quickly. Please look at our used car inventory now so you don't miss our current offerings.

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