Finding the right vehicle can depend on more than knowing what to look for and where to look. It also matters when you look. Right now, used cars are seemingly harder than ever to find. Looking during the right times can ensure you get the best possible deals and find the car that's right for you. We're here to make that process a little easier by telling you when to shop for your next vehicle.

When Is the Best Month To Buy a Used Car or Truck?

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The best month to buy a used vehicle is January, but December and February can be good choices too. Most dealerships get new stock in at the start of the year, motivating them to quickly get rid of their existing inventory. This means you can usually find appealing sales near the end or the start of the new year. This is because many shoppers want the newest model vehicles and wait until they see the new year's lineups before trading in their old vehicles.

Savvy shoppers can wait for these trade-ins to discover enticing offers on slightly used vehicles. You can even trade-in your own vehicle to discover additional savings on new inventory items. Our helpful trade-in form can help you start this process right away.

New inventory might not be the only reason cars are cheaper during the winter months. According to an article from Insider, many people looking for new cars are fair-weather shoppers who might not want to brave the colder months to look for a new vehicle. Donning a coat and braving York's cold weather could save you over 6% on the price of your car, suggests data from Edmunds. Of course, you can always just browse our clearance inventory from the comfort of your heated living room too, where coats are optional.

When Is the Worst Month To Buy a Used Car or Truck?

The same Insider article shows that summer months have significantly fewer deals than average, with June being the worst month to buy a new car. Insider cites a 2019 study from iSeeCars, an automotive research firm. In the study, iSeeCars reveals that on an average day, used car shoppers can find deals a little over 26% of the time. They then calculate the best and worst months based on the deviations from this average. January boasts an impressive 28.6% more deals than average. June's numbers, however, are less enticing.

According to their study, June offers a staggering 16.9% fewer deals than average. July and August aren't far behind, with 16.2% and 15% fewer deals respectively. Most car companies release their newest models in the late summer and early fall, meaning new car shoppers eagerly await these models before deciding to trade in their used cars. As a result, dealerships often have the lowest stock during this time.

All this to say, you can find great deals any time of year if you know where to look. York buyers know Your Auto Source runs promotions year-round, summer months included, so you don't have to stress if waiting until January isn't in the cards for you.

How To Prepare To Buy a Used Car or Truck

No matter what time of year it is, we're committed to helping people find the vehicles and deals that fit their needs and budgets. If you're getting ready to buy a used car or truck, it's important to know how to find the best deals for you. Picking the right month can be a good place to start, but it's not the only thing you can do. Here are some other steps you can take:

Know what you want

Purchasing a car can be a big decision. Knowing what you're looking for in a vehicle can make the process much smoother and can ensure you leave with the one that's the best choice for you. For those looking for fuel efficiency and reliability, a used hatchback or sedan can offer excellent value. From Toyota Corollas to Honda Accords, we have something in this category for almost any budget. For those looking for more space or higher performance, an SUV might be the way to go.

Our trucks offer unbeatable power and towing capabilities, capable of living up to the toughest jobs. We have tons of specials on used trucks online, where you can browse a selection of vehicles and get the keys to a new Silverado or Ram 1500 in your area.

Know where to go

Select a reputable dealer with inventory arriving (and leaving) with frequency. This is often a good indicator. Whether you're looking for a safe car for the family, a rugged vehicle ready for the most exciting outdoor adventures, or sleek models built for speed, let your trusted dealer know what you're looking for. A good one will have the patience to put the time and effort into finding your vehicle. 

Shop your way

Play the numbers game. The more areas you explore, the more likely you'll find suitable options, and the more you'll hone in on exactly what you want. If you're not pressed for time, this should be your go-to strategy. As a smart shopper, you know it's important to make informed and educated decisions, especially when it comes to your vehicle. Our comprehensive site gives you the most up-to-date information on inventory, deals, and financing. Whether you're doing your shopping in person or at home, you can rest easy knowing you have the best information and the most supportive team at your side. On our site, you can even apply for financing online, taking all the pressure out of shopping and leaving all the fun.

And there you have it. Time to dust off the snow boots and prepare for some winter car shopping. We'd love to hear about your used car shopping experience and to learn when you've found the most success shopping for used vehicles. Let us know if January is really the best time to snag those stellar deals, and remember it's always a good time of year to stop at Your Source Auto to shop our amazing selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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