With summer approaching, parents in the York, Pennsylvania community are beginning to plan fun activities and excursions for their children to enjoy. Throughout the year, York provides plenty of fun attractions for people of all ages, making this city the perfect suburban dwelling for families. Whether you're looking for educational, historical, adventurous, or leisurely activities to enjoy with your children, York has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. 

With so many options, how does one choose which attractions are better suited for their needs than others? Well, you're in luck. Our dedicated team members at Your Auto Source have compiled a list of the best things to do with kids in the York, Pennsylvania area. 

Nixon Park and Nature Center

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The first spot on our list is the Nixon Park and Nature Center, located about five miles south of York in a scenic stream valley. The park spans over 187 acres and is full of unique biodiversity that draws in visitors and locals alike throughout the year. Nixon Park is home to various habitats, ranging from stream-side forests to blooming meadows. The park also has three crystal-clear streams and two ponds that further add to the property's serene beauty. You can search out the park's native species, such as snapping turtles, ducks, and waterfowl floating along the water. 

Conveniently located in the center of the park is the Nixon Park Nature Center. Whether you planned to visit or you just need a break from the sun, you'll be glad you stopped by. The museum has two rooms of displays that feature mounted York County birds and wildlife, along with large animals from places like Africa and the Arctic. The nature center is also home to feeding stations that attract over 30 species during the fall and winter. With so much to see and learn, Nixon Park and Nature Center is sure to be fun for the whole family.

Sunrise Soap Company

If your kids enjoy unique arts and crafts opportunities or love science and creation projects, Sunrise Soap Company is a great place to find STEM fun in York. Sunrise Soap Company is a natural body care business that creates homemade soaps, shampoos, body butters, scrubs, bath bombs, lip balms, and more. Visitors can pop into their storefront and watch as employees make their organic concoctions and transform them into body care products. They're open seven days a week and often have extended weekend hours to accommodate visitors.

If you and your kids want to learn more about the soap-making process, consider scheduling a free tour of their visitor-friendly kitchen. Call ahead to find out what they're making and reserve a spot, or just stop by for a shorter mini-tour. To get more hands-on, stop by their downtown York location, where you can dive into their Creation Station and make your own custom products, using silicone molds, essential oils, pigments, and glitters. Or take advantage of their party hosting and plan your next birthday party around the fun. They sometimes offer classes, too, like their group fizzy-making class.

Keystone Kidspace

Another place for incredible STEM fun in York is the more expansive experience of Keystone Kidspace. This is a facility that offers it all, from drop-in experiences to classes, camps, and special events. It offers a variety of creative spaces with different purposes, whether it's invention through technology, creativity, construction or culinary arts or challenge with puzzles. Keystone Kidspace inspires kids to explore their imaginations and use authentic resources. Children 6 years old and up can explore their interests in the facility's many sections, all of which emphasize different topics, including technology, cooking, and innovation.

If your kids are enthusiastic about technology, check out Curiosity Hall, where they can explore different exhibits, projects, and a digital lab with coding, music, and art production activities. Little chefs will want to visit the Kitchen Lab, where they can get their hands dirty by participating in cooking classes and culinary demonstrations. Artistic kids will enjoy the Mess Hall, where they can use various materials to create custom art pieces. Parents can relax as their children explore their imaginations by taking a seat in The Hangout, an adult space with Wi-Fi, coffee, snacks, and plenty of sitting space. 

Perrydell Farm

Finally, don't forget to bring your kids to experience a summer day on York's own Perrydell Farm. This historical farm has roots dating back to the 1920s. The three families of Perrydell Farm care for a team of 120 cows who are known for making some of the freshest and most delicious dairy products, including milk, ice cream, butter, and yogurt. Stop by the Farm Store, where you'll find their locally sourced products, along with baked goods, sandwiches, handmade soaps, and delightfully cow-themed decor. They also have gift baskets perfect for a birthday or holiday present. 

You can choose a self-guided tour throughout the property and watch each step of the dairy gathering and bottling processes. We recommend finishing the tour with an ice cream cone to get the authentic Perrydell experience, and always ask about their flavor of the month for a more unique option. Check out their petting area, where your little ones can take turns petting the adorable young calves. This also provides a perfect backdrop for a photo to send to Grandma. Visiting Perrydell is a great way to support a local business and give your kids a fun and educational experience. 

So, there you have it. That's our list of the top things to do with your children in and around the York community. We hope this guide is useful the next time you're looking for a fun and kid-friendly activity in the southern Pennsylvania area. Did we leave out one of your favorite family attractions in or near the city? If you have a comment about one of the activities or a suggestion for our list, feel free to contact us at Your Auto Source right here in York. We'd love to hear your ideas.

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